About SailAwayBlog Team

At SailAwayBlog, we’re not just a team; we’re a family bound by the love of the open sea, the thrill of discovery, and the stories that the waves whisper to us. Our journey began on a fateful summer day when our paths converged at a local marina. Each of us, with our own tales of adventure and dreams of uncharted waters, decided to embark on a shared voyage – to bring the world of sailing closer to you.

Captain Alex “Windchaser” Morgan

Bio: Alex grew up with tales of the sea, with a grandfather who was a sailor and a childhood spent on the shores of Maine. His first solo sail was at the age of 12, and since then, the ocean has been his playground. Alex is not just our captain; he’s our compass, guiding us through the vastness of the sea with his vast knowledge and infectious passion. When he’s not charting courses or writing, you’ll find him with a harmonica, serenading the sunset.

Lila “Starboard” Turner

Bio: Lila’s love for sailing began on a trip to the Caribbean as a teenager. The turquoise waters and the freedom of the sea captivated her heart. An environmentalist at heart, Lila brings to the team a deep respect for the ocean and its mysteries. She’s our go-to for the best eco-friendly sailing practices. Off the deck, Lila is a yoga enthusiast and believes in the harmony of body, mind, and sea.

Jake “Knotmaster” Reynolds

Bio: Jake’s introduction to sailing was quite unorthodox. A tech geek, he initially ventured into the world of boats to develop navigation software. But one sailing trip was all it took to convert this coder into a full-time sailor. Jake is our tech wizard, ensuring we’re equipped with the latest gadgets and tech. But more than that, he’s the storyteller, spinning tales of the sea with a modern twist. On weekends, you might catch him drone-filming breathtaking ocean vistas.

Mia “Tide Rider” Sanchez

Bio: Mia’s roots trace back to a coastal town in Spain, where she learned the art of fishing and the rhythms of the sea. A marine biologist by profession, Mia brings a unique perspective to our team, sharing insights about marine life and the delicate balance of our ecosystems. She’s our bridge between the world of science and the allure of sailing. In her downtime, Mia loves sketching the diverse marine life she encounters on our voyages.

Together, we are the heart and soul of SailAwayBlog. Our mission is more than just sharing sailing techniques or travel guides; it’s about sharing a way of life, a passion, and the countless stories that the sea has offered us. Join us as we set sail on this incredible journey, and let’s explore the world, one wave at a time.

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